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Privacy Statement

We greatly value all contact from potential or actual Tenants and fellow Landlords. We therefore guarantee that we'd never abuse your trust in us. For your peace of mind:

We would never send you unsolicited email. We don't just dislike "SPAM" (as it is generally called), we hate it!

We would never allow your details to be passed to any 3rd party without your knowledge and consent.

We treat all contact & correspondence (including email) as strictly confidential unless told otherwise.

When you email us you're contacting real human beings! We'll read and reply to your email as quickly as we can. We don't automate or bulk-process email under any circumstances - it's just not our style or in our business interest.

For a more detailed and technical statment about our Privacy Policy,
including compliance with both Data Protection and GDPR legislation,
please see our:

Full Privacy Statement

www.veryreasonable.com/gdpr.pdf (all lower case).