The late Professor Selwyn - a few biographical notes & links

My father, Professor Sydney Selwyn died the day after his birthday more than 15 years ago. Although opinions vary many people believe that the internet (as opposed to JNET and other related but earlier IP-based open networks) started the same year.

These days an academic of my father's stature would without question generate hundreds, if not thousands, of web-pages simply in the course of their professional teaching and research related activities. Sadly however he died just before all of these things we now take so much for granted became the norm. Therefore if you "Google" my father you probably won't find out much about him or his work unless you use one of their more specialist search tools such as (on Sydney Selwyn), hence my decision to create this simple but hopefully more readily accessible page of information (with more links to follow from time to time).

I'm greatful to Graham Ayliffe and Mary English who were kind enough to dedicate their book "Hospital Infection: From Miasmas to MRSA" (2003) to his memory.

Please click HERE to read his full obituary (published in Med Hist. 1997 April; 41(2): 226)

There is now also an excellent article about him on Wikipedia, see

Sydney Selwyn in the Cafe Royal 1979

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