Refreshingly different... Eaglecrest Services Limited - a London UK based landlorda "VeryReasonable" and honest sort of Landlord!

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We're not an estate agency or lettings agency, in fact we're not any sort of intermediary at all! EaglecrestEaglecrest - an ethical & honest landlord! is quite different as it actually owns the properties itself, and deals directly with the Tenants to ensure they get a vastly better service than normal.

Very occassionally we may also help out another landlord (who we work with on a reciprocal basis) who is very well known to us, operates in exactly the same way and is offering the exactly the same excellent deals and service. If the property we show you is not one of ours this will be made clear and you will be given full details for the actual Landlord who you would normally contact and deal with directly once you become a tenant. Either way there are no unfair fees and no hidden costs for you!
...a landlord that aims at high standards and cares about its tenants and business relationshipsWe have extremely high ethical and professional standards so you can trust us to treat you fairly and honestly at all times.
We hope you'll soon agree that we do, in fact, have a number of Very Reasonable properties which we offer for rent on Very Reasonable terms!

We always try hard to be Very Reasonable and fair people to deal with !

(a personal & attentive service) Not only do we aim to provide a more personal and attentive service,
but it comes without any of those nasty hidden extra costs!
(good landlord-tenant relationship) We invest a great deal of time and care in the Landlord-Tenant relationship,
because we know from experience that it's in everyone's interest.

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